All Around eMTB Bosch

All Around eMTB Bosch 2024: From July 12-14, La Salle Becomes the Center of Adventure with the All Around Camp

24 Avr 2024

All Around eMTB Bosch

The event is enriched by a program that ranges from sports to live entertainment and local delicacies featured on the group dinner menu, all in the spirit of sharing and relaxation.

The community and e-MTB enthusiasts are buzzing, as the All Around eMTB Bosch 2024 race format is gaining increasing appreciation both in Italy and abroad, and the Valdostan Alps region seems to be tailor-made for epic riding days like those planned.

Registrations are proceeding swiftly, with numerous clubs already signed up, as well as several prominent athletes from the national and international scene. The 2024 edition will be a mix of fun, adrenaline, and sharing, with the action concentrated along the trails of the high Valle d’Aosta mountains and the All Around Camp village, permanently located in the town of La Salle.

Indeed, the All Around Camp is the nerve center of this event, the post-race theater under the distinctive large sail structure, which will be set up in the meadow of Maison Gerbollier in La Salle. A pulsating heart and meeting point for all participants and the organization, it is the place where relationships intertwine, people rest, talk about engines and bike setups, and enjoy each other’s company in total relaxation. Here there will be a washing station as well as a mechanical assistance point, with professionals ready to support the bikers if needed.

This year’s program will be enriched with numerous new features, including dinners and breakfasts organized for participants and staff, a buvette with typical gastronomic products, sports activities open to the public, live music.

Animating and coloring the Camp are partner companies Bosch e-Bike ePowered, Garmin, Rudy Project, the teams, and mechanical assistance provided by friends at Aosta Bike Center, and of course all the registered athletes and cycling clubs and their companions.

Upon arrival after each race day at the All Around Camp in La Salle, there will be the traditional “Après Course” with delicacies from our local partners, including Fontina cheese, delicious products from Panificio della Valle d’Aosta Bovio, prosciutto from Saint-Rémy-en-Bosses, and renowned Bières du Grand St.Bernard. And to top it off, everyone gathers at the table to share stories of the day and delight the palate and stomach with dinners from the typical local menu, (Reservations on the ENDU website are also open for companions) featuring ravioli, gnocchi, stew, beverages, and fruit, all at a discounted price and also open to companions and the public.

As for accommodation, various options are available in La Salle, with a selection of facilities in various categories to meet everyone’s needs. The Organization has also struck a deal with Camping International Mont Blanc in La Salle to offer a 10% discount on bungalows, tent sites, and camper sites. The campsite also has a secured place for the overnight storage and charging of e-MTBs. Even for those not staying at the campsite, it is possible to book a special breakfast for All Around athletes, with a selection of cured meats, cheeses, eggs, fresh bread, jam, honey, fruit, yogurt, and much more.

If you haven’t already, we invite you to join us for three unforgettable days of adventure and fun in the enchanting Valle d’Aosta, at the All Around eMTB Bosch 2024!

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