Pila expands its offer with a new cable car

2022 new Pila-Couis cable car

Pila is certainly one of the most well-known and long-lived bike parks in Italy, famous for its downhill tracks where significant competitions take place every year. But it is also on the map for the infinite number of routes and variants, suitable for every type of bike, whether traditional or eBike.

The resort is currently enriched by new content expanding its offer, both for sportsmen and for simple nature lovers who want to spend a day among the peaks of the Aosta Valley. We are talking about the new Pila-Couis cable car which aims to radically revolutionise the mountain resort’s usability making it one of the most iconic viewpoints of the Valley such as Cima Couis 1 at 2730 metres above sea level accessible.

The new cable car will significantly improve the sporting experience for skiers and bikers of all levels and ages, but at the same time, it will become a real international tourist attraction.

A competition decreed the winning project

The winning project, through a tender coordinated by the Order of Architects of Bologna where 33 architectural and engineering firms from all over Europe participated, was carried out by the De Carlo – Gualla architectural firm.

The goal of the tender was the design of the valley and mountain stations of the gondola lift with an adjoining panoramic restaurant. In particular, the departure station of the Pila-Couis will merge with the arrival station of the Aosta-Pila, completely redeveloping one of the resort’s nerve centres.

The arrival station, at the top of Cima Couis, is characterised by a particular star design with the points oriented towards the different 4,000 of the Aosta Valley and will also contain a panoramic bar-restaurant. With a flow rate of 2,400 people per hour at a speed of six metres per second, you can cover the total length of 3.8 kilometres and a vertical drop of 923 metres in merely 13 minutes. Currently, three lifts are required to reach Cima Couis da Pila, taking a total time of about 60 minutes. Shortly, this work will make it possible to reach one of the most iconic panoramic points of the Valley starting directly from the centre of Aosta.

Passenger transport is provided in both directions. The facility is also planned to operate at night, which greatly expands the possibilities offered by the resort.

The new plant in numbers

2400 people/h

Hourly capacity

3800 m

Total length

13 min

Travel time about


Total number of vehicles

1746 Kw

Installed power

6.00 m / s

Operating speed

923 m

Total height difference

10 seats

Single vehicle capacity


Total number of line supports

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