Rest and recharge points

all around emtb bosch

All Around eMTB Bosch

All Around
eMTB Bosch
Rest and recharge points

About halfway through each stage is the Rest and Recharge Point. Here, everyone can refresh and recharge the battery.

It is an important moment where you catch your breath, recharge your eMTB and enjoy typical dishes together with other bikers. The stop is a minimum of one hour and a maximum of two: this is the time needed to recover physical and mental energy and accumulate enough watts to get off to a great start!

All Around eMTB Bosch
All Around eMTB Bosch


Stage 2: Fort of Bard
Stage 3: Tchavana of Metzan in Val d’Ayas
Stage 4: Magià Refuge in Val St. Barthelemy
Stage 5: Chaligne Refuge in Val Gran San Bernardo

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