all around emtb bosch

All Around eMTB Bosch


ALL AROUND eMTB Bosch takes place in the alpine environment of the Valle d’Aosta Region. It is a cycling event that takes place in a mountain and high mountain environment. The choice of the routes was made by a team of experts with a deep knowledge of this specific territory, combining the following criteria:

  • Ring itinerary (for the AA200) as linear as possible;
  • Connection between the valleys by completing the perimeter of the Middle and Lower Valle d’Aosta;
  • Passage to the most spectacular places under the great mountains of Gran Paradiso, Monte Rosa and Matterhorn;
  • Sufficient safety margins: even if this is an aspect deStageated to the Organization, the participants must also be aware of the severe environments;
  • The routes are without mandatory “portage” sections, clearly excluding those necessary to pass from one valley to another, even if they involve walking and pushing your eMTB . The exception to this is Colle Tsa Setze ( 1st stage between Pila and Cogne), where in fact the Organization has foreseen a significant number of support staff for the riders in the central stretch of about 100 meters D +;
  • All routes have been strongly guided by the severe geomorphological characteristics of the territory, the most demanding stretches are always the only ones possible as well as the easiest ones. To all the friends, and others, who show us alternative solutions, we tell them that every meter of the path has been carefully thought out by evaluating any alternatives and if we are there it is because the alternatives either did not exist or were discarded as worse, so TRUST;
  • All Around eMTB Bosch is a large-scale event that touches all types of terrain, single tracks, dirt roads and stretches of asphalted road (as little as possible) and it is with this spirit and philosophy that we ask you to participate;
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