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all around emtb bosch

All Around eMTB Bosch

of the race

A race in the name of technology and safety. We care about protecting and supporting our athletes with the best technology and personnel available.

All Around eMTB Bosch
All Around eMTB Bosch

eMTB, app, gps, gpx!


Participants must have a GPS tool to download the GPX track.


A satellite tracking system allows you to have the rankings in real-time. Participants will have the obligation to download the app which will guarantee to be tracked at all times.


The SOS function of the satellite tracking system instantly alerts rescuers so that they receive assistance as quickly as possible.

Services included and on request

Services included   Services on request

Race kit

Upon verification of their membership card and race number pick-up, each participant will receive a race pack. All registered participants in the AA200 and AA100 races will receive the All Around eMTB Race Bosch ePowered Bag as a gift, and all participants in the three races (AA200, AA100, and AA50) will receive a personalized T-shirt for each All Around 2023 race!

Bag transport

Each participant’s bag will be transported by the Organization from stop to stop.

Equipment box transport

All registered competitors will receive a box to store their bike maintenance tools. The competitor will be able to store their tools and essential spare parts. The tool box will be transported by the Organization from stop to stop.


Each competitor will be given a chip to record their race times. The chip must be returned at the end of the 4 stops.

Satellite tracking

Competitors will be provided with a satellite tracking system (via APP or special device), featuring an SOS function in case of need. The system also allows the race direction and the public to follow the position of all competitors live.

GPS tracking

A few days before the race the GPS track of the route will be published. Competitors can download it in gpx format on their GPS devices or via APP (the Organization will suggest a suitable one). The race route will be marked only at critical points. Map orientation is part of the skills that competitors must have.

Refreshment points with recharge point

In stops 3 and 4 there will be refreshment points with a recharge point, where competitors must stop for a mandatory minimum of 1h and maximum of 2 hours (depending on the stage) and where the chronometer is stopped. It will be possible to have a rich meal, as well as energy products and supplements. Competitors must have with them the charger to recharge the battery of their eMTB (it is recommended to have a fast charger).

All Around Camp

The All Around Camp is the symbol of our race! A series of spaces and services are provided for the participants, giving them the opportunity to rest, refresh, and share the most spectacular moments of the day with other riders. The All Around Camp will offer beer and local products, music, and, of course, the race briefings for the following day. The All Around BOSCH Camp will have an area with tables and benches for relaxation.

At the All Around BOSCH Camp there will be beer and local products, as well as music, photo and video projections of the race, the awards ceremony for the day, and of course the briefing on the following day’s race.

At the All Around Camp competitors can find the race office, a press office, an area with tables and benches and a relaxation area with pillows. There will be a bike wash area and several stands will be made available for servicing your eMTB.

Secure bike parking

While at All Around BOSCH Camp, eMTBs will be parked at the secure storage area.

Medical assistance

At the All Around BOSCH Camp athletes can find a temporary medical center to ensure health, physical and psychological support. The structure – which includes a full team of doctors, technicians, physiotherapists and masseurs – will be equipped with medical equipment for general procedures, physiotherapy, thermotherapy and diagnostic imaging.

Photos and videos of the day

Official photographers and videographers from the organization will be stationed along the route to capture the highlights of each stage. At the end of each day, an online folder of official photos will be uploaded (via the ENDUpix platform) for participants to download. A video will also be produced at the end of each day, which will be shared on the organization’s channels.

Polenta party

To celebrate and conclude the wonderful days spent, there will be an excellent and abundant “Polenta Party” at the finish line of the last stage in Aosta!

Awards and finisher

At the end of the race, in addition to the awards ceremony for the categories specified by the Italian Cycling Federation (as per regulations), the Finisher award will be given to all participants who have successfully completed all the stages.

Refund of registration fee

The ENDU-Restart insurance policy will refund 80% of the registration fee to those who, for proven reasons (including COVID) cannot participate. Cancellation must be communicated at least 10 days before the event (refund requests are valid if received by June 18, 2023).

Mechanical assistance

The organization provides a free mechanical assistance service with a team of professional mechanics able to carry out repairs on all models of eMTB. Participants must have the main spare parts of their eMTB: dropout, gearbox, brake pads, etc..

Camping or camper area

Those registered for the race who choose the option of overnight camping with a tent or camper, will have to make their own camping reservations.

End of AA100 transfer

Participants who left their car in Antey can book our transfert Aosta-Antey at a cost of €30.00 (person + bike)

End of AA50 transfer

Participants who left their car in Valpelline can book our transfert Aosta-Valpelline at a cost of €20.00 (person + bike)

Personalized photo service

As an extra you can request a personalized photo shoot in high resolution.
The cost of the photo shoot for the 5 days of the race is 98 €. The cost of the photo shoot for 2 days is 48 €.

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