all around emtb bosch

All Around eMTB Bosch


There are various ways to experience the days of the All Around eMTB Bosch, especially regarding hospitality.
We have selected different accommodation facilities in La Salle of various categories to facilitate the search, indicating those that are most suitable in terms of location and services for our event.

All Around eMTB Bosch
All Around eMTB Bosch

Dinner at the
All Around Camp

› Ravioli with roast sauce
› Sausage and mashed potatoes
› Fruit/dessert
› 1⁄4 wine 1⁄2 water
› €19,00 per persona

› Herb gnocchi
› Veal stew with polenta
› Dessert/fruit
› 1⁄4 wine 1⁄2 water
› Service cost €19.00 per person

The service can be booked on the Endu registration page for the race.

Allergies, intolerances, and other specific requests must be reported to: Dinners can also be reserved for family and friends!

The Mont Blanc

Our Organization has made an agreement with Camping International Mont Blanc in La Salle for bungalows, tent spots, and camper spots. The camping site also has a closed area for overnight storage and charging of eMTBs.

› › Camping can be booked directly at the number: +39 0165 861183 or on their website

The Bar at Camping Mont Blanc offers, in addition to classic breakfasts, a “reinforced” breakfast for All Around athletes to tackle the two days with the maximum energy. Cold cuts, cheeses, freshly cooked eggs, white and black bread, jam, honey, fresh fruit, yogurt, and muesli. Water, fruit juices, coffee, milk, barley, tea.

› At the cost of €14.00 per person
› The service can be booked on the Endu registration page for the race.
› The service can also be booked for family and friends or athletes using other hospitality services in the area.

The Après Course
La Buvette

Upon arrival at the All Around Camp in La Salle, the tradition of “Après Course” with local products remains: Fontina cheese, products from the prestigious Bakery of Valle d’Aosta Bovio, Saint-Rémy-en-Bosses ham, and the traditional Bières du Grand St.Bernard (also open to the public!).

Transfert persona
e eMTB il 12 mattina

Abbiamo predisposto un servizio di transfert persona + eMTB da La Salle ad Aosta il 12 mattina per chi lascia il camper al campeggio di La Salle, e da Aosta a La Salle il 14 per andarlo a recuperare.

Il costo extra è di € 15,00 a tratta.

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