All Around eMTB Bosch

All Around E-MTB Bosch 2024: The Enduro-Marathon Adventure Designed to Unleash the Full Potential of E-MTBs

20 Jun 2024

All Around eMTB Bosch

Among the highest mountains in Europe, in the Valle d’Aosta, the third edition of the All Around E-MTB Bosch kicks off from the city of Aosta from July 12 to 14, covering over 156 km and 7,000 meters of elevation gain for pure fun.

The Alta Valle d’Aosta is home to unique trails and valleys, which the All Around E-MTB Bosch 2024 has rediscovered and enhanced with a specially designed three-stage course. During the event, competitors will start from Aosta and La Salle, traversing the most remote areas of the region, passing beneath the majestic peaks of Ruitor, Mont Blanc, and Gran Combin.

This event is crafted with a perfect format for e-MTBs, inspired by the spirit of an adventure among friends. Participants will discover pristine landscapes, tackling challenging elevation gains, and enjoying long descents on thrilling singletracks. And it doesn’t end there: at the conclusion of the epic three-day race, everyone can gather and celebrate with a refreshing beer at the All Around Camp in La Salle. Truly a dream come true for any biker!

Safety and Preparation at the Heart of the Experience

Ensuring the safety of participants is a top priority for the All Around E-MTB Bosch 2024. Each competitor will be equipped with a reliable GPX track and must have a GPS device or a smartphone with an app to load and follow the route. Riders will be monitored via a satellite tracker. Along the course, there will be rest stops, battery charging areas, and numerous marshals stationed at key intersections and strategic points to provide constant supervision.

A good understanding of your own capabilities and the limits of your bike, some emergency mechanical skills, navigation proficiency in natural environments, a significant dose of grit, and a strong desire to have fun are essential skills to best tackle the All Around E-MTB Bosch 2024 course.

The challenge involves not only the rider but also the equipment. The overall reliability of the bike, mechanical components, and the skill to use them effectively are crucial, particularly the drivetrain and braking system, which are highly stressed in e-MTBs due to the applied motor power and greater weight compared to traditional bikes.

Moreover, managing motor assistance, pedaling cadence, and tire pressure are important. These parameters significantly influence the overall system performance, battery life, as well as tire grip and wear.

Data, updated maps and elevation profiles for the race course

The long course AA160 (in red), spanning three days, covers a total of 156 km with 7,000 meters of elevation gain and 7,600 meters of descent.

The shorter AA60 (in blue), held over a single day, covers 56 km with 2,300 meters of elevation gain and 2,900 meters of descent.

Detailed maps and profiles for both courses are available on the event’s official website.

We are pleased to announce an impressive lineup of participants. The 2023 E-MTB XC World Champion, Joris Ryf, will compete in the AA60, while the AA160 will feature other fast and talented athletes such as local champion Sophie Riva, Erwin Ronzon, Alex and Denny Lupato, Matteo Raimondi, and many others.

Mountain Bike Guide Francesco Gozio, a deep connoisseur and lover of the Valle d’Aosta, comments: “All competitors should expect a technically varied course, certainly scenic and highly spectacular. Traversing it by following a carefully designed route and especially on an e-MTB is certainly a privilege. These are unique environments worldwide, and having them concentrated into three days is truly a special opportunity.”

The All Around team would like to extend their gratitude to the main sponsors: the Regione Valle d’Aosta and Bosch E-Bike System, as well as the Municipality of Aosta, the Municipality of La Salle, the Municipality of La Thuile, and the Municipality of Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses for their invaluable support. We also thank Garmin, Rudy Project, and Pirelli for their generous prizes.


As the main partner of the event, Bosch e-Bike Systems provides all participants with a series of useful tips and best practices to follow before and during the event

1- Besides mechanical maintenance, it’s important to also take care of the electronic aspects by bringing your e-MTB to an authorized Bosch e-Bike Center for diagnostics and software updates.

Here is the list of authorized Bosch centers in the country.

2- For those with Kiox, Kiox300, Kiox500, or Nyon displays, remember to utilize all their features for navigation along the route. This allows you to save your phone’s battery and keep it available for emergencies.

Information about the Bosch FLOW App

Watch this helpful video on navigation features.

3- Once on the course, or even better during your planning phase, it can be crucial to decide on the type of assistance to use and, more importantly, the appropriate customization of the assistance level for different sections of the course.

This can be easily managed using the FLOW App

Another useful video on level customization

4- Lastly, but no less important, consider your battery consumption relative to the available charging time during stops, the size of your battery, and the power of your charger.

You can find the charging time table for each battery/charger combination here

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