FROM JULY 12 TO 14, 2024

Competitive / Non competitive


FROM JULY 12 TO 14, 2024

Competitive / Non competitive
All Around eMTB Bosch
All Around eMTB Bosch

All Around
eMTB Bosch

AA 160 and AA 60

Let’s make the 2024 event an unforgettable experience for the biking community!

After two editions, we are thrilled to present the 2024 edition of All Around eMTB Bosch, an unparalleled event.

This year, we have completely redefined the itinerary, bringing the adrenaline and beauty of the High Aosta Valley mountains up to the majestic Mont Blanc. The routes have been redesigned by 90%, offering even more single tracks and minimizing the sections where it’s necessary to push the eMTB.

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In 2024, the long race spans three days and covers 160 km, while the AA60 edition takes place in a single day, perfect for those seeking a shorter but equally exciting challenge. We believe this is the perfect formula to ensure a valuable experience, athletic engagement, but within a more feasible timeframe for most bikers.

The Aosta Valley remains the ideal location for All Around eMTB Bosch, with its spectacular single tracks and the backdrop of the majestic Alpine peaks surrounding us.

But it’s not just nature that captivates. Moments experienced at the All Around Camp, where this year dinners and breakfasts with delicious and activity-appropriate foods will be organized, along with events during the day and evening, make this experience truly one of a kind.

Join us for an unforgettable ride among the wonders of the Aosta Valley.

All Around eMTB Bosch - 200

AA 160

From July 12 to 14, 2024
Start and finish
in Aosta

and non-competitive

€ 197,00

until the 01/03/2024

€ 220,00

from 02/03/2024 to 01/04/2024

€ 260,00

from 02/04/2024 to 16/06/2024


D+ 8.000 m


D- 8.800 m

160 km

All Around eMTB Bosch - 100

AA 60

From July 12 to 14, 2024
Start and finish
in La Salle

and non-competitive

€ 65,00


D+ 2.200 m


D- 3.000 m

60 km

Cycling in Valdigne, in the Shadow of Mont Blanc

A territory of extraordinary beauty

Valdigne is an area of extraordinary beauty located in the northwestern part of Italy, bordering Switzerland and France. This mountainous region is a true paradise for nature lovers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and alpine culture enthusiasts.

The Upper Aosta Valley is dominated by the majestic Mont Blanc, the highest peak in the Alps and Europe, providing a spectacular backdrop for the entire region. It’s a fantastic playground for outdoor activities where encounters with chamois, ibexes, marmots, and various other animal species are frequent.

The Upper Aosta Valley is rich in history and culture. Its geographical location has made the region a significant crossroads between Italy, Switzerland, and France, influencing its culture and traditions.

Medieval villages, castles, and Romanesque churches are scattered throughout the valley, offering charming opportunities for exploration.

Famous for its delicious and unique cuisine, the Upper Aosta Valley boasts dishes such as fondue, polenta, local cheeses (like Fontina), and cured meats, including the renowned Boudin, all culinary delights to savor. The region’s winemaking tradition boasts fine wines, such as Blanc de Morgex et de La Sall

A wide range of outdoor activities is available. In addition to mountain biking and skiing, you can engage in hiking, cycling, trekking, climbing, paragliding, and in winter, all snow-related sports, with renowned ski resorts like Courmayeur and La Thuile.

Traditional alpine architecture is a distinctive feature of the Upper Aosta Valley, with wooden chalets, slate roofs, and colorful flowers adorning windowsills. Local traditions are celebrated in popular festivals and fairs.

In summary, the Upper Aosta Valley is a jewel in the Italian Alps that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, history, and outdoor activities. The region is an extraordinary place to explore for anyone seeking mountain adventures or wanting to immerse themselves in the rich alpine culture of northern Italy.

The Upper Aosta Valley, also known as Val Digne, provides the perfect stage for the third edition of the All Around eMTB Bosch race, taking place from July 12 to 14, 2024. This race is the first eMTB stage race in the Italian Alps, offering a unique experience to live an extraordinary story amidst the majestic mountains of the Aosta Valley.

The Aosta Valley is renowned as the highest region in Italy, featuring an epic itinerary that traverses valleys, mountain passes, and, of course, passes at the foot of the spectacular Mont Blanc, the most significant peak in the Alps.

All Around Camp

Every afternoon upon arrival, competitors will gather under the All Around Camp tent at the La Salle playground area, featuring reception services, a refreshment stand, a space for journalists, an outdoor area designated for eMTB maintenance, and a medical station.

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After completing the stage race course and conducting maintenance on their eMTBs, All Around Camp participants can sample local products at the refreshment stand provided by our local sponsor producers. This year, various events (sports, musical, etc.) and the organization of dinners for competitors and staff will also take place at the All Around Camp during the two days.

Key point of the All Around eMTB Bosch

Technical Alpine
single track

A full-suspended
eMTB event

Navigation entirely with GPS

GPS-Based Navigation: Entirely navigated using GPS. Distance: Between 45 and 55 km. Elevation Gain/Loss: Between 2,400 and 3,100 meters.

Paved and farm roads kept to a minimum

Feasible with a battery as in each stage there are one or more refreshment and charging points approximately halfway through the route

Organization present along the route to ensure maximum safety in the alpine environment

All Around Camp: The hub of the event featuring music, events, breakfasts, dinners, and partner stands.

All stages
of race of
All Around eMTB

Want to learn more about the All Around eMTB Bosch? Learn about all the stages, the routes, the places it crosses, the start and finish of this already legendary race around the Aosta Valley on eMTB! Get inspired!

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