The European growth of the eBike phenomenon

All Around Emtb The European growth of the eBike phenomenon

In recent times, the European approach towards cycling in general and towards the eBike has notably changed

The need for outdoor activities, social distancing, plus the desire to try new experiences, has been fueled by the need to find a valid, healthy and comfortable means of transport for daily commuting. A set of factors led to the development of the entire bicycle industry. But we do not want to merely provide figures, because they are the litmus test of the current state that captures a moment.

We now want to analyse what the report made by Shimano and YouGov, called “State of the Nations”, substantially states. In other words, the perception of the average European user towards the eBike has changed, suddenly passing from a “mysterious object” to an integral part of those who choose the bike not only for sport but also for daily commuting.

EBikes are now socially accepted; not only by sportsmen but also students, commuters and families. Without reaching the extremes of Holland or Denmark, where carrying your children around with a cargo bike is in vogue, even Italy, and more generally the south of Europe has been following this trend. Perhaps we are not yet at the point where the bike will replace the scooter or second car, but the path forward (cycle) seems the right one. In this regard, below, some of the main data extrapolated from “State of the Nation” can give an overview concerning the direction that the eBike phenomenon is taking and make us say that the mass is about to be conquered definitively.

  • AAeMTB50 31% of Europeans would like to exercise or use an eBike as part of their daily routine
  • AAeMTB50 ECity Bikes are the most chosen category (31%) among those who express their intention to buy an eBike in the next 12 months
  • AAeMTB50 More than one in ten people in Europe (11%) is interested in the world of cargo bikes
  • AAeMTB50 20% of respondents say they would like to buy or use an eMTB
  • AAeMTB50 37% of young people would like to use an eBike to reduce their impact on the environment
  • AAeMTB50 26% of respondents would like to go to a bike shop in the next year
  • AAeMTB50 39% would like to use an eBike to avoid depending on public transport
  • AAeMTB50 34% of under 35s say that using an eBike would save them time
  • AAeMTB50 As many as 41% of people over 55 are looking for an alternative to using a car

The impression, however, is that this did not happen instantaneously, but that this particular moment simply accelerated a process that was already underway. In this regard, we see how the intentions to purchase or, at least, to use electricity in this period have increased by considerable percentages.

Willingness to purchase or use eBikes + main reason

36% ITALY to avoid public transport
35% POLAND for more physical exercise
33% NETHERLANDS for more exercise
31% SPAIN to avoid public transport
31% FRANCE to have a lower environmental impact
30% SWITZERLAND to avoid public transport
30% AUSTRIA to avoid using the car
27% DENMARK to avoid public transport
25% NORWAY to avoid public transport
24% SWEDEN to avoid public transport
24% GERMANY to avoid using the car
11% GREAT BRITAIN to avoid using the car

The most consistent increase in Europe concerns Italy, followed by Poland. At the bottom, we have Great Britain, where a lot has already been done in the last 10-15 years to establish a culture of cycling, especially by public administrations. As we can see, the data averages around 30%, which, when compared to the entire European population, only suggests how vast the potential market for electric and sustainable mobility, in general, could actually be.

Another point not to overlook is the fact that the majority of respondents, and in almost all countries, indicated as their primary motivation that of wanting an eBike to be used as a means of transport. This further widens the audience and does not close the door to the fact that the most “convinced” may one day own more pedal-assisted bikes for different uses.

Among these uses today, we are certainly witnessing the request by an increasingly varied and broad user of off-road competitions linked to this new way of conceiving travel. The All Around eMtb arises from this need. It is a competition that, riding the wave of growth in this market, is designed to give sports enthusiasts unique “electric” emotions.


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